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Katharine “Kat” Morris is a consultant and creative changemaker for  intersectional environmental justice,  the founder of Creative Climate Co, and the podcast host of Radical Love Sounds! She has her Master of Public Policy and honors bachelor of Anthropology & Cognitive Science from UConn. While there, she founded UConn Collaborative Organizing (UCCO) to promote solidarity and intersectionality in social and environmental justice movements. 

Her TEDx, How to Collaborate for Environmental Justice, is a call to action discussing environmental racism, health inequities, and how to organize your community using radical love and intersectionality.

She organized the Seaside Sounds for Environmental Justice community empowerment festival at Seaside Park in Bridgeport on July 15th, 2022 featuring 9 musical acts, 30 organizations and vendors, and 4 delicious foodtrucks! Soon after, she secured a Partners4Places grant for Seaside Sounds Club to continue community engagement and advocacy.

Kat has developed unique skills as a scholar-activist, public speaker, writer, and organizer and refined them through professional experiences working for Health Equity Solutions, the US. EPA Stakeholder Branch, the Center for Community Engagement, Environmental Justice and Health (CEEJH), and the Office of the Governor & Office of the Commissioner of the Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection in Connecticut. 

Combining these skills with an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded *Creative Climate Co* (Morhkat, LLC)  to provide consulting services for clients seeking to advance climate and environmental justice through education, connection, and art! Kat intends to live a life of purpose: working to co-create a culture that prioritizes life in policy and action as we heal our planet together, one community, one project, one creative idea at a time. Creative Climate Co. is for the creatives seeking to use their art and platform for good climate work and for climate professionals seeking to infuse their work with more creativity and equity! Together, lets have some fun and bring life back into the climate field! 

More importantly, Kat is the tree-hugger, queer pisces daughter of jamaican immigrants whose love for nature is comparable only to her love for music, food, astrology, laughter, and learning about life through meaningful connections and longwinded conversations!